Frequently Asked questions

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Will there be a minimum for nights to book?

We will have a 2-night stay minimum requirement.

When will you start accepting reservations?

Reservations can be made starting Summer 2024 (exact date to be announced soon) for January 2025 onwards.

Am I able to change my date after booking?

Due to the large number of people who have made their pre-reservation deposits and limited availability, we will not allow guests to change their booking dates.


How long is the 50% discount valid for?

The 50% discount is valid to use throughout the launch of our crowdfunding campaign (30 days). During the launch you will be able to choose how many nights you want to book. Once the campaign ends, we will email you a link so you can select your dates up until the end of 2026 (dates will be dependent upon which package you select - with or without amenities).

What should I expect for prices?

Prices will start at $350 per night (50% discount applied) and will depend on amenity availability. After the campaign, regular pricing for the general public will start at $800 per night.

Do you charge per person or per villa?

Guests will be charged per villa. Our Stargazing Villas will include the price for 2 adults and our Galaxy Villas will include the price for 4 adults. Additional guests will be charged at $100 per night.

When will we know the price per night?

Official pricing will be announced to those who paid the early-access deposit in May 2024, and to the public in June 2024.

Is my $50 deposit refundable?

The $50 deposit is refundable up until June 2024 (1-month before we launch our campaign).


Will the resort be kid-friendly?

Absolutely! While some amenities like our wellness spa will be tailored for adults only, you can anticipate that the majority of our offerings will cater to all age groups.

How many people does a villa accommodate?

Our Stargazing Villas are 1-bedroom intended for 2 people but can fit a max of 4 with the loft space. Our Galaxy Villas are 2-bedroom intended for 4 people and can fit a max of 8 guests.

Will the resort be pet friendly?

Yes! We will have a pet policy in place before we open, but we will certainly allow dogs and other small pets.

When will the amenities be ready?

Kosmos Resort will initially open with only Villas available until the end of 2025. We anticipate that our full range of amenities, including our all-inclusive experience, will be ready by the end of 2026. Please note that pricing will vary to account for the option of booking a stay with or without amenities.

Can I bring my own telescope equipment?

Yes, of course! We encourage you to. For those who aren't experts we will provide all the equipment needed.

When will the resort be ‘All-inclusive'?

Starting in 2026, we will introduce our all-inclusive packages and pricing. This package will include your accommodations, full access to our amenities (*with spa services available for an additional fee), as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and non-alcoholic beverages.

When do you expect to break ground?

We have already broken ground! We expect to start construction of the first Stargazing Villa this May.