Kosmos Stargazing Community

Creating a Sense of Community

The Kosmos Stargazing Community was born from our love for astronomy and the profound sense of connection it brings. Our goal is to unite individuals who share this passion, offering a platform for meaningful interactions and shared experiences under the night sky. With a focus on alignment of interests and values, our community fosters discussions, insights sharing, and collaborative projects related to stargazing and celestial exploration. Through this alignment, we aim to create a supportive space where enthusiasts can connect, deepen their understanding of the cosmos, and feel a sense of belonging.

Community Benefits

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How do join the Kosmos Stargazing Community?


The access into the Facebook community group is granted to those who have already paid the $50 early access reservation fee. Click here to reserve!

Who is the Kosmos Stargazing Community intended for?


The community is aimed at individuals who have paid the early access fee, but it's not solely focused on resort construction and insights. We also provide engaging astronomy content to keep the community connected, informed, and inspired to learn more about their stargazing aspirations.

What sets the Community apart?


It offers a unique blend of exclusive updates on resort construction and engaging astronomy content, catering to those who've paid the early access fee, fostering a holistic experience for members' stargazing pursuits.