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Kosmos Stargazing Resort Unveils Innovative Galaxy Villa Concept

SAN LUIS VALLEY, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Kosmos Stargazing Resort & Spa, a soon-to-be 40-acre luxury astro-tourism destination just 15 minutes from Great Sand Dunes National Park, today unveiled the innovative design for its Galaxy Villas. This marks a major milestone as the resort recently broke ground on their OWTS system and plans to start construction of their first Villas this year.

The Galaxy Villa concept blends luxury interiors with immersive stargazing experiences. A total of four Galaxy Villas will be built in 2026, complementing the 16 Stargazing Villas slated to begin construction on the first by the end of this year.

Situated within the landscapes of Colorado's San Luis Valley, each Galaxy Villa features two private bedrooms and a private second-floor Biohacking Spa with panoramic sunset views. The second-floor Villa spa includes a sauna, cold plunge pool, jacuzzi, and lounge area for restorative relaxation.

Designed to accommodate up to eight guests, the villas boast a spacious loft within the dome with additional beds ensuring plenty of space for families and groups. The centerpiece is a large dome area housing a fully-equipped kitchen, living room, meditation space, and entertainment options like a pool table and ping-pong. Outdoor living spaces include a patio with a smokeless fire pit and an observation deck outfitted with a telescope for stargazing.

"The concept for our Galaxy Villa, is a testament to our commitment to a luxury hospitality experience in Astro-tourism," says Gamal Jadue Zalaquett, Founder and CEO/ "Inspired by the beauty and wonder of the universe, the Galaxy Villa is a fusion of luxury, technology, and stargazing."

As Kosmos Resort unveils the Galaxy Villa concept, it reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellent guest experiences. The resort prepares to begin its next phase of development towards constructing the first villa this year, and guests can look forward to experiencing the wonders of the cosmos like never before.

For more details on Kosmos Stargazing Resort and the Galaxy Villas, please visit visit.kosmosresort.com.

About Kosmos Stargazing Resort:

Kosmos Stargazing Resort is a visionary destination located in San Luis Valley, Colorado. Combining luxury accommodation with immersive stargazing experiences. From state-of-the-art amenities including an educational Planetarium and observatories to guided stargazing tours, Kosmos Stargazing Resort is dedicated to inspiring wonder and exploration among its visitors in a luxurious, remote setting.

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