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Kosmos Resort Plans Luxury Stargazing Near the Great Sand Dunes

The all-inclusive resort aims to bring a luxury wellness experience centered on the stars beneath the dark skies of the San Luis Valley.

There’s a new luxury, all-inclusive, stargazing resort planned for the San Luis Valley near the Great Sand Dunes. With a Mosca address, Kosmos Resort will sit on 40 acres just outside the proposed Sangre de Cristo Dark Sky Reserve with 360-views that include the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Great Sand Dunes National Park and the galaxies above. Targeting a soft opening by late 2024 or early 2025, the upscale celestial retreat has a “stellar” vision to help guests get away and find inspiration in the cosmos.

“Kosmos is a platform to give everybody the tools to realign with themselves, reconnect with nature, realign with significant others. It’s a place where you can disconnect [from normal stresses] and connect with yourself, your kids, your partner,” says founder and CEO Gamal Jadue Zalaquett. “You can make meaningful memories stargazing, doing yoga, breath work, meditation. We’re providing all the tools.”

Kosmos Resort will take astrotourism to the next level, says Jennifer Geerlings, marking operations manager. The sustainable, off-grid property will feature amenities that include a greenhouse for yoga and meditation. A holistic wellness spa will include hyperbaric chambers, aromatherapy saunas and cold plunge pools. And a stargazing center will blend a three-story planetarium, private mini-observatories, an interactive astronomy and astrology museum, and garden. The center will host star parties and educational events, perhaps led by the likes of NASA astrophysicists, says Geerlings, noting that they have met with experts from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and George Mason University for feedback on the planetarium plans.

An on-site restaurant and bar will provide healthful, elevated fare. Zalaquett envisions a Mediterranean-style cuisine and a chef with James Beard Award credentials.

Written by Jeremy Jones

Posted at: https://springsmag.com/kosmos-resort-luxury-stargazing-great-sand-dunes/